Ring of Fire

The Albatross >>>     To amuse themselves, sailors often
Capture albatrosses, those giant sea birds
Who follow, indolent companions of the voyage,
The ship gliding over bitter depths.

As soon as they are set down on the deck,
Those kings of the sky, awkward and ashamed,
Let their great white wings, like anchors,
Drag pitiably alongside them.

This winged voyager, how clumsy and weak he is!
How comical and ugly, he who was so beautiful before!
One sailor jabs at his beak with a pipe,
Another limps, miming the cripple who once soared!

The Poet is like this prince of the clouds
Who flies with the tempest and laughs at the archer;
Exiled on land, in the midst of the jeering crowd,
His giant's wings prevent him from walking. >>>Baudelaire