The Persian (oil on canvas, 26"x 26", 2001)

Downtown (oil on canvas, 32"x 32", 1999)

Magic Mushroom (oil on canvas, 21"x 21", 2005)

Go West (oil on canvas, 30"x 30", 1999)

The Abstract Expressionist (oil on canvas, 30"x 28", 2000)

The Yellow Brick Road (oil on canvas, 26"x 42", 2000)

The Sahara Desert (oil/sand on canvas, 30"x 30", 1999)

Pussycat (graphite on paper)

Six Bars (mixed-media on paper)

Sisyphus (mixed-media on paper)

Talleyrand (mixed-media on paper)

The Republic (mixed-media on paper)

Nine Lives (oil on canvas, 36"x 26", 1998)

Africa (oil on canvas, 26"x 26", 2000)

In Absentia (oil on canvas, 24"x 26", 1999)

Prometheus (oil on canvas, 30"x 30", 1998)

Montagne Sainte-Victoire (oil on canvas, 26"x 26", 1998)

EYE (mixed-media on paper)

Thinker (graphite on paper)

Eros (graphite on paper)