Friday, February 10, 2012

Spot Painting Spotted!

                        DAB NEWS is reporting that another Hirst spot
                        painting has been vandalized at a well-known 
                        gallery in Chelsea. Details are still sketchy, but
                        the assailant, a middle-aged skinny tall man  
                                with a mustache and glasses, walked into the
                        24th Street gallery at around 2:00 p.m. last Thursday
                        and demanded that the lights be turned off. After
                        the staff declined numerous times, he apparently 
                        screamed something out about it being the end of the
                        world, then pulled out a paintbrush of some
                        kind and painted the word BAD on the spot
                        painting. After a brief scuffle with the gallery         
                        guards, the man dashed out, lit a cigar and was last                          seen skipping south on the Westside Highway. Police
                        are still searching for a motive, and an investigation
                        is ongoing into the meaning of BAD. The bandit is
                        still at large. Police are advising the public to be 
                        calm and alert, and to report any person smoking 
                        a cigar who resembles Groucho Marx. If you have 
                        any information about this high crime please call  
                        Crime Steppers at 1-800-BAD-TIPS.

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